1. My friend let me borrow her ukulele, which I immediately fell in love with. This is the first song I wrote with it - a bit of an ode to Beirut and Midlake. Hope you like it.

  2. This started as a simple song on my acoustic, and kind of turned into a Magnetic Fields meets Devotchka thing. I’m a fan of the drums on this, as well as the chorus/breakdown. If you listen closely enough, you can hear french horns and bassoons on the right channel.

  3. I decided to put up a little sketch of a piece of song I’ve been working on lately. The vocals and lyrics are super rough, but it gives you an idea of how the song is supposed to work. If you listen closely, you can hear vocals coming from both left and right speakers. The idea behind this song (which is part of larger story) is that a young boy finds an old robot stashed away in his attic and teaches it how to play with him. The duet is meant to be the part of the story where the boy is giving the robot lessons in how to be human.

  4. This song typifies what I wanted to accomplish when I started this blog - write a short, but complete draft in music form, and post it for my friends to hear. I don’t know what inspired the sounds here, but I think it’s a slo-core version of Cut Copy, or maybe Depeche Mode…enjoy.

  5. I wanted to write more of a real “rock” song, one with a chorus, bridge and so on. I sat down yesterday, and in ten minutes this somehow emerged. I think it has elements of Death Cab for Cutie, minus my voice, of course ;).

  6. Someone tonight convinced me that no one would want to read my blog if I didn’t update it. Fair enough. So, I decided to try to write and record a song in an under an hour, and post it. Here’s the result - it’s rough and ugly at parts, but I think it captures some sort of mood.

    Hope you like it…

  7. I spent a good chunk of yesterday making some progress on the backing track for me and Mike’s animation. This time around, I decided to re-record everything, and transpose it down one step. What came out is coming along quite nicely. The end bit with the horns still needs some work, but the first half is feeling fairly baked. More to come soon…

  8. This is the 3rd track from Alvas Mosfera. We did most of the tracking at an audio engineering school that used to exist on Harrison, but is now a run-down bum hotel. This is my favorite track from the album, which I can attribute to my having played a real instrument on it (you can hear the electric bass guitar softly in the background).

  9. As part of this whole exercise, I want to start posting rough clips and sketches that include you (the reader) in the recording process. Here’s something I’ve been working on recently. Me and my friend Mike are producing a little animation put to music - this is the first part of it.